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Gasket Instructions

High Heat Grill Gasket Kit Instructions

Our products ship with a detailed instruction sheet so you'll have all the information at your fingertips when you install your new gasket.

Our easy kit doesn't require messy spray adhesives or disassembling your grill !!

Our "Smarter High Heat Replacement Gasket Kit" is the only high heat replacement gasket that includes a high-temperature adhesive strip! That's what makes them so much smarter.


You will need roughly 1 hour including cleaning and waiting to complete the gasket installation. The grill must be completely cool and the weather should be 50 °F or warmer. After installation, keep the lid shut and do not cook on the grill for 12-24 hours.


  • Open the grill but do not disassemble the lid from the base.
  • Use a flat-edged scraper to remove the old gasket from grill and lid. Use acetone (available at Home Depot / Lowes or a paint store) and a rag to thoroughly remove all old adhesive residue and bits of gasket from the rim of the base and the lid. Do not use a degreaser or any greasy solvent. The grill rims must be completely clean and dry to ensure adhesion of the new gasket. Allow the rim surface to dry 30 minutes before continuing.
  • Cut the gasket in half before starting to make handling easier.
  • Plan to place the seams of the gasket at the back of the grill so that the base and lid gasket seams do not line up with each other but are an inch or so apart.
  • Remove the high-heat tape backing from the new gasket little by little while pressing it firmly onto the rim. Do not stretch the gasket, but compress it along the inside edge to form the circle. Keep it centered on the rim and not hanging over the inside edge. Work carefully because trying to correct a mistake will damage the adhesive and gasket.
  • When you reach the seam, trim the gasket to meet the starting edge and test fit it before removing the tape backing in this area.
  • Repeat the above two steps for the lid of the grill.
  • Keep the grill closed 12-24 hours. This pressure will improve the bond to your grill.