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Once you've had a SLOTDOG...

Once you've had a SLOTDOGTM hot dog, you won't ever be able to look at a regular hot dog the same again. For this we truly do apologize, but with all risks come great rewards, and that reward is knowing how a hot dog was destined to look, taste, and excite!

SLOTDOGTM ensures your hot dogs cook evenly, and in less time than ever before. PLUS it's Dishwasher Friendly! Place on top rack, with blades facing downwards.

Try for yourself, and experience the true taste...of hot dog freedom.

Picky Eating Kids at Home?

Been there! SLOTDOGTM transforms boring hot dogs into anything the imagination can conjure....some faves being Dinosaur/Dragon/Gator Tails, Snake scales, Meaty Earthquake Dog, or make it a Bun Volcano...Pour on some melted cheese and you have your "Lava" :) It's fun, easy, unique and definitely Kid Approved!!

For The Kid in All of Us!

Kids aside...Adults, after suffering through years of hard, burnt, shriveled up dogs, can have an even bigger reaction to how cool a SLOTDOGTM hot dog looks! The crispy bite of carmelization, and the infusion of your favourite condiments creates a whole new realm of hot dog enjoyment!

In any case...Make sure you have enough for seconds!!

It's Easy - Just Push, Peel and Grill

In only 2 minutes, you can prep a dozen hotdogs with SLOTDOG. Just push the SLOTDOG down on a fridge temp dog, peel it off and push it down on the other side. Repeat on more hot dogs. Now you ready to grill!

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