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Why Our Gasket is Best

The Smartest High Heat Grill Gasket for Big Green Egg ®

Our American-Made high-temperature grill gaskets are the ideal replacement for a worn or fried gasket on your Big Green Egg or similar ceramic kamado style grill.

Toasted Wool Felt Gasket on Big Green Egg ®

Wool Felt is the worst !

The traditional wool felt and low-temperature adhesives used on the OEM gasket that came on your grill and that is sold as a replacement by the grill manufacturers will not withstand anything above a nice low smoking temperature! If you want to grill pizzas, sear a ribeye or otherwise take advantage of the terrific range and capability of your grill, their cheap wool gasket will let you down.

These are actual photos after attempting to cook pizza on a grill used for about 2 months -the wool felt is toast!

Toasted Wool Felt Gasket on Big Green Egg ® Toasted Wool Felt Gasket on Big Green Egg ®

High-Que has the answer

We've developed the perfect solution to your grilling needs with our "Smarter High Heat Replacement Gasket Kits". Because our gaskets last longer than wool and outperform them in every other respect, there's no reason to go back to the old way.

High-Que High Heat Nomex Gasket with Adhesive for Big Green Egg

Our "Smarter High Heat Replacement Gasket Kit" is the
only high heat replacement gasket that includes a high-temperature adhesive strip!
That's what makes them so much smarter.

Messy Spray Adhesives ? No way !

No Messy Spray Adhesive Required

Other brands of high-heat replacements want you to use messy spray adhesives that will require you to disassemble your grill and make cardboard masking cutouts to keep from getting messy spray adhesive all over the place. And those messy spray adhesives are not even meant for high-temperature so you'll be reapplying and re-sticking from time to time. WHAT A BOTHER !!

A Home-Run Value

Plus, our gaskets are a superior value! In addition to offering free shipping at our online store and low-low shipping on ebay and amazon, our price is already lower than the competition and your don't have to mess with spray adhesive or disassembling your grill!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It's simple: if you're not satisified with your Big Green Egg ® gasket replacement, just return it in new or used condition within 30 days of purchase with a copy of this form for a refund of the purchase price paid. (original shipping charges not refunded).

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